Welcome to Your Online HR Portal and Employee Application & Onboarding Process

Tilson provides its clients and their employees an online HR portal for accessing everyday payroll, benefits and HR information on any device and at any time.

Tilson also offers clients an online applicant tracking system, ApplicantStack, for managing the process of receiving and reviewing applications.

In addition, Tilson’s Employee Onboarding Portal provides clients and their new hires a simple step-by-step process to onboarding with easy access to complete new hire materials.

Open Enrollment Questions? Check out your Online HR Portal for Important Updates, as well as our Employee Benefits Resources webpage. For additional support, contact us via LiveChat, call us at 317-885-3838 (Ext. 4), or email benefits@tilsonhr.com.

Online HR Portal Logins:

Employer Portal | Employee Portal

Employee Application & onboarding process logins:

ApplicantStack | Employee Onboarding Portal
If you have questions regarding your Online HR Portal, ApplicantStack or Employee Onboarding Portal, please reach out to your manager or contact Tilson through Live Chat or by phone at 1 (800) 276-3976 or (317) 885-3838.

Tilson Fast Fact

A typical U.S. firm pays 19% of its payroll expenditure to comply with federal regulations.