Tilson provides an integrated management solution for companies of any size, depending upon what they need at each phase of their life cycle.

For example, the needs of a small business will vary widely with regard to HR infrastructure, policies, and best practices, compared to a larger organization.

Here are a couple of generalized examples:

Small Businesses

Behind every small business, there is a story worth knowing.

Paul Ryan

Organizations with 2–19 employees

As a small business is getting up and running, the employees and owners are “all hands on deck”, putting in the time and effort needed to grow the company. Typically, at this size, businesses want policies and procedures that cover them from risk, but to otherwise keep the infrastructure at a minimum so they can be as nimble as their business requires. Job descriptions, if they do exist, are minimal in nature and capture only the key areas of risk mitigation, as everyone is truly performing various duties as assigned. Policies cover what is needed, but are not in-depth nor reactive to an emerging momentary issue. Tilson is well-versed at assisting these businesses, as they need help, and when they need it.

Mid-sized Companies

I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.

Richard Branson

Organizations with 20-99 employees

For mid-sized companies, they have grown to a point where one size does not always fit all with regard to policies and practices. As an example, a mid-sized company may have decided to decentralized core office hours and have begun to allow each department manager to set their own preferences related to standard work hours. Paid time off policies that may have existed in a general format need to be revisited due to business growth. Performance evaluation systems need to be adapted to the company’s evolution, and job descriptions need to be created and revised accordingly. At the same time, more employees leads to development, direction, and motivational issues, which appear through employee relations concerns. Tilson’s integrated management solution is nimble and evolves as the company evolves.

Large Organizations

As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.

Donald Trump

Organizations with 100+ employees

Similarly, when the business evolves to a large organization, there is normally a centralized office, department, or individual responsible for human resource needs, and Tilson is their solution for common issues that arise. The compensation policy that was appropriate at 10 employees may not be at 210 employees, and Tilson has the talent at hand to evaluate and recommend an appropriate policy going forward, as well as conducting internal and external surveys to support that policy.