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A dedicated team of HR professionals.

Our combined years of experience, wide range of certifications, and different areas of expertise are great, but getting to know you and supporting your business goals over the life of your company is what makes us the gold standard in HR services.
Dedicated Team of HR Professionals

So you might be asking, “What’s a PEO?”

Simply put, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are growth accelerators for small to mid-sized businesses. That’s because we tackle the complicated tasks of benefits, payroll, compliance and other HR functions so that business leaders like you can focus on the ideas that drive growth and success. Studies show businesses that work with PEOs grow faster, have lower employee turnover and are less likely to fail.

Where service meets technology.

Our technology platform gives you clear visibility into all your HR operations with the managed support of our experienced team.

There’s no point in providing you an all-in-one HR platform if you’re still having to…well, manage it. You already have enough on your plate. That’s where Tilson differs from most “software solutions.” We give you back your time so you can focus on better things. We accomplish this by delivering a first-rate workforce platform and the help of our HR professionals to minimize the administrative load. That way you can use the platform as you feel led without letting it bog you down.

Technology Tools

Our solution stack to empower your business.

It’s tough competing for top talent these days. Finding and retaining the best people in your market means being able to offer Fortune 500-type benefits.

Gone are the days of payroll questions and stress. Submit the hours, and our team of professionals does the rest.

From best practice advice and employee relations support to the creation of policies and procedures – let us navigate the complexities of employment so you can run your business with confidence.

We stay on top of all the ever-changing employment regulations, compliance and reporting. By keeping you ahead of the game, you can be on top of your market.

Our modern, easy-to-use platform covers the entire spectrum of HR from hire to retire; giving your people the power to manage their workforce better than ever while giving back time to take on more strategic responsibilities.

A company’s greatest asset is its people. We help businesses create a better workforce through our employee management system, focusing on every stage of the employment life cycle – Find, Develop, Direct, Motivate and Retain.

Managed-service approach from Tilson.

We deliver ongoing active administration, management, and support of all your HR functions in order to improve your operational effectiveness and help you build a high-performance company.

Your People Will

Your Business Will

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