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We want to grow your business, not your to-do list. Our modern HR technology is here to support and streamline your operations without requiring you to manage functions that steal your time and your productivity. Enjoy access to all things Benefits, Payroll, HR, Talent and Time within a single online platform managed by our dedicated team. After all, when service meets technology, you can run your business without it running you.

HR Technology and Tools

An HR portal for you and your employees.

We provide both employers and employees an online HR portal with access to employee data and information. Managers can perform key tasks easily and quickly, including timecard reviews, time-off requests and payroll submissions. They can also analyze, understand and act on data to run the business with powerful reporting.

Employees get mobile-optimized, easy access to their most important personnel info. They can enroll in, update, and view their benefits, find past pay stubs, update their retirement contributions, request time off, and more, as well as access the portal in either English or Spanish.

HR Technology and Tools
Simplify Hiring and Onboarding

Simplify Hiring and Onboarding​

In today’s competitive market, hiring a new employee can be expensive and time-consuming, and the first few days of their job are critical in setting them up for success. Tilson simplifies the hiring and onboarding process with online HR technology for applicant tracking and employee onboarding.

Our applicant tracking system empowers your hiring team to manage multiple positions simultaneously, screening hundreds of candidates quickly to find the top performers and collaborating effectively to make hiring decisions with confidence. Our employee onboarding system allows managers and their new hires to move away from paper into a simple step-by-step online process to completing new hire materials.

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