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Employee benefits

Your most valuable asset is your people, and they need to be well taken care of. We’re here to give your team access to Fortune 500-level employee benefits that are commonly only found in large companies so that your size doesn’t limit your ability to recruit the best and drive employee satisfaction.

Typical Benefits Include

Employee Benefits

Strength in numbers.

Tilson is able to leverage its collective strength in numbers from hundreds of small businesses to partner with nationally-recognized insurance companies, and in turn, offer your employees Fortune 500-level health coverage at an affordable cost.

Comprehensive employee benefits to win the war on talent.

Ease the financial burden on employees and their families when life’s healthcare events occur.

  • Multiple HDHP and PPO plans
  • Integrated FSAs and HSAs
  • Nationally-recognized health carriers
  • Ongoing day-to-day administration
  • Voluntary and employer-paid Vision and Dental options

Provide a steady stream of income while employees are unable to work.

  • Replaces 60% of an employee’s income
  • Voluntary and employer-paid options

Allow employees to put aside money tax-free that can be used for qualified medical expenses.

  • Money in HSA is carried over from year to year and is yours to keep, even if you leave the company
  • Contributions are made with pre-tax dollars
  • Budget for medical expenses not covered by insurance, like co-pays
  • Employers can contribute to employees’ accounts

A low-cost retirement plan to attract and retain the best talent, and create a happier, more stable workforce.

  • Professionally managed, Tilson-sponsored plan
  • All fiduciary and trustee responsibilities transferred to Tilson
  • With a multiple employer 401(k) plan, Tilson is able to reduce the overall costs associated with the plan
  • Plan administration fees are among the lowest in the industry, allowing more of your money to stay where it’s needed – in running and growing your business
  • Employer contributions, Roth, and pre-tax contributions available

A full range of mental health services to help your employees get through the tough times in life, leaving you with healthier, happier and more productive employees

  • Offered to employees at no cost
  • Confidential assistance with a variety of problems such as substance abuse or depression, marital and family difficulties, and financial or legal troubles
  • Counselors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Life, accident, critical illness and hospitalization insurance can help provide for your employee’s loved ones if something were to happen to them.

  • Voluntary and employer-paid life insurance available
  • Accident, critical illness, and hospitalization insurance provides peace of mind when the unexpected occurs
  • Benefit options to round out your overall package

How our services make you a high performance company.

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