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What if you no longer lost sleep...?

Over navigating the unknown and complying with employment regulations for each national collegiate chapter worksite? Even freed up valuable time from the headaches of HR?

We get it. Managing the surmounting paperwork and HR functions for headquarters and chapter staff employed across state lines is challenging. Especially when some positions are seasonal, and local and state labor laws differ wildly. It’s important to stay organized when it comes to payroll, benefits, and other workforce tasks so you can focus on your organization’s ability to grow and make an impact in the lives of its members.

Zero in on the biggest pain points.

We know what you’re up against. That’s why we opened our Greek Division at Tilson to zero in on the biggest employment pain points and complexities facing Greek organizations today.

For 18+ years, our team at Tilson has worked with Greek-Letter organizations, national and local house corporations,  headquarters, foundations and Greek business partners (i.e., property management and food service vendors)..We are also fully integrated with Chapter Management Software Billhighway.

Our team of professionals are ready to bring you HR systems and support so you can get back to thriving.

Your People Will

Your Business Will

Our solution stack to empower your business.

It’s tough competing for top talent these days. Finding and retaining the best people in your market means being able to offer Fortune 500-type benefits.

Gone are the days of payroll questions and stress. Submit the hours, and our team of professionals does the rest.

From best practice advice and employee relations support to the creation of policies and procedures – let us navigate the complexities of employment so you can run your business with confidence.

We stay on top of all the ever-changing employment regulations, compliance and reporting. By keeping you ahead of the game, you can be on top of your market.

Our modern, easy-to-use platform covers the entire spectrum of HR from hire to retire; giving your people the power to manage their workforce better than ever while giving back time to take on more strategic responsibilities.

A company’s greatest asset is its people. We help businesses create a better workforce through our employee management system, focusing on every stage of the employment life cycle – Find, Develop, Direct, Motivate and Retain.

Talk to Tilson today.

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