Talent Management

Employee and Workforce Impact

People are a business’s greatest investment. Effective management of the HR function can and should aid companies in optimizing the potential of employees. A fully realized, motivated workforce can have a significant impact on the success of your business. To help you maximize investment in your employees, Tilson has developed its Management Systems, a methodology designed to help you create a more productive, satisfied and loyal workforce and, in turn, a more successful company.

Tilson’s Employee Management Systems is designed to help you maximize the five stages of the employee life cycle:

  • Find – Identifying Talent

  • Develop – Maximizing Potential

  • Direct – Encouraging Excellence

  • Motivate – Inspiring Responsibility

  • Retain – Driving Retention

Identifying Talent

Creating the best strategic approaches for recruiting the right people for the right positions.

Identifying Talent is the fundamental first steppingstone that, when done correctly, prepares an organization to succeed with a new hire. Tilson believes that preparing for the candidate process is as crucial as the actual gathering, evaluation and ultimate selection of candidates.

This process can be summarized by planning, sourcing, screening, developing guidelines and creating assessment protocols. When all of the steps are followed, it is much easier for an organization to achieve a quicker return on investment (ROI) for the costs of the recruitment process. The Identifying Talent process accounts for organizational, departmental and positional needs while simultaneously avoiding the legal pitfalls associated with recruitment.

Our comprehensive process:

  • Identifies why positions are available

  • Develops hiring specifications

  • Considers internal and external practices and resources applicable to the position

  • Defines sourcing, screening and interviewing strategies and guidelines

  • Describes how to evaluate candidates

  • Includes vital communication loops throughout the process

Tilson can provide assistance from the moment your job posting is online to the moment your top candidate accepts a position.

Maximizing Potential

Developing strategies for acclimating new employees and maximizing their future potential.

Maximizing Potential is the next step in the Management Systems process and is crucial both to employee performance and organizational success. This process helps foster positive employee attitudes, reduces the need for additional staff, and enhances employee performance and productivity, which ultimately affect the bottom line.

In order to get the most out of their employees, organizations need to provide them with the proper learning environment to help them reach their full potential. Formal employee development programs and processes can create high levels of employee satisfaction and a highly skilled workforce.

Tilson’s Maximizing Potential process provides:

  • Structured orientation

  • SMART goal setting

  • Evaluation of employee feedback

  • Coaching methods with development focus

  • Team-building approaches

  • Effective organizational communication loops

  • Job training and development strategies

Encouraging Excellence

Giving employees the resources to achieve and maintain a high performance level.

In order to successfully direct employees to be successful and productive, Tilson’s Encouraging Excellence process provides organizations with the tools they need to optimize day-to-day performance.

Tilson’s Encouraging Excellence process provides:

  • Performance evaluation systems

  • Guidance for meaningful goal setting

  • Performance coaching and feedback

  • Progressive discipline techniques

Inspiring Responsibility

Analyzing morale and motivation to maximize employee productivity.

Inspiring Responsibility is a key step in Tilson’s Management Systems and is designed to help organizations successfully motivate employees to strive to do their best work. As volumes of work fluctuate, roles are developed or eliminated, and new policies, procedures and programs are implemented, employees can begin to feel uncertain about what the changes mean and how they fit in.

The Inspiring Responsibility process can be summarized by three steps: reviewing and defining your work culture and values, identifying when and how to reward and recognize employees for their successes, and learning how to accept change as a manager.

Our comprehensive process:

  • Distinguishes between morale and motivation

  • Identifies the relationship between communication and morale

  • Considers rewards based upon goals

  • Discusses the impact of change on employee motivation

  • Outlines compensation, benefits and policy design considerations

  • Ensures organizational culture and value proposition consistency

Driving Retention

Creating focused retention practices to retain high performance employees.

Driving Retention is the final step in the employee life cycle and is an important element once you have your talent in place and wish to keep them.

When you have top talent, there is always someone trying to steal them away. You have spent a lot of time, energy and money recruiting, training, coaching and developing your top performers, and you want to make sure they stay with the company.

The Driving Retention process includes strategies for career path discussions, establishing an effective policy of promotion from within, and development of a total compensation package that includes an apples-to-apples comparison of how your company stacks up to key competitors.

This comprehensive process also includes:

  • Defining organizational mission, vision and value statements

  • Creating effective job design and organizational structure

  • Developing a compensation philosophy

  • Aligning performance metrics with corporate goals

  • Formal employee communications

  • Turnover analysis for organizations

  • Conflict resolution techniques

  • Conducting employee opinion surveys to find important takeaways and using them strategically

  • Exit interviews

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