Timely Webinars. Relevant Topics.

One way in which Tilson shares its integrated management and HR expertise with clients is through relevant, timely webinars on a variety of topics. In addition, Tilson is certified as an approved provider by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) to offer certification credits toward the PHR, SPHR and GPHR designations through many of our training courses and webinars.


Key HR Processes – Direct

This event will cover the basic need-to-know items for tactical, daily Human Resources related interactions. The majority of the day will be spent reviewing the Tilson HR “Employee Life Cycle” Model in detail, with most of the focus being spent on the Key HR Processes. These processes include Find, Develop, Direct, Motivate and Retain. Within each of these important Key HR Processes, you will receive valuable information and tools to help build solid day-to-day processes which reinforce strategic initiatives and corporate values as your company grows into the future.


Employee Offboarding

Employee separations are often the most difficult component of the Employment Life Cycle.  In this session, we will discuss key considerations for planned vacancies, stemming from retirement or advancement.  We will also discuss the importance of having a well thought out contingency plan when there is an abrupt vacancy within the organization.


Key HR Processes – Motivate

How do you make your organization’s most valuable assets even more valuable? The answer is The Key HR Process of Motivate.  This session looks at the strategies and tools for maintaining a motivated, productive, and engaged workforce.


Payroll Administration and Compliance

In this session we will look at how state and federal laws impact the processing of payroll.  Specifically, federal and state laws governing garnishments and deductions from pay, pay frequency governance – during employment and at separation.


Key HR Processes – Retain

With the improving economy and more companies hiring, employees are on the move.  The Key HR Process of Retain provides tools and strategies designed to keep employees from seeking greener pastures.  The focus of this session is to protect those assets most critical to every organization.