As your business grows, so does your need to hire the right people for your organization. Whether you need assistance with staffing or executive recruiting, Tilson offers solutions to ensure you have the staff you need to seize a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

From simple, cost-effective strategies for hiring talent to detailed planning designed to ensure you find the best team members for your business, Tilson will evaluate your needs and determine the best solution.

Staffing Assistance

Tilson helps owners and CEOs focus on their core business by managing the talent acquisition process for them, using our proven methods to find the best talent while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Let Tilson take the lead with our comprehensive list of staffing services:

  • Job descriptions

  • Compensation strategy and package

  • Online advertising

  • Resume screening

  • Employment eligibility verification

  • Candidate scheduling

  • Preliminary interviewing

  • Offer and acceptance letter management

  • Rejection notifications

  • Background checks

  • Criminal background checks

  • Medical sanctions

  • Social Security number trace

  • Worker compensation claims

  • Driving records report

  • National consumer credit report

  • Education/degree verification

  • Prior employment verification

  • Professional license and certification verification

  • DOT drug screen and 10-panel drug tests

  • Search America report (U.S. government watch list of suspected terrorists, national criminal records, and state sex offender registries)


EzHire is Tilson’s employee on-boarding and application management website that simplifies employee and applicant data management and process flow. This site integrates very tightly with our TilsonHRNow integrated management platform to quickly and efficiently add new employees into our HRIS systems. Once a new hire and the client provide the necessary information – such as role, personal demographics and pay information – records can be directly imported into TilsonHRNow to ensure accurate data transfer. In addition, the system is:

  • Integrated – from online application to new hire processing into TilsonHRNow

  • Efficient – eliminates paperwork

  • Simple – one place for applications and new hire processing

  • Fast – completes new hire paperwork in minutes

  • Accurate – eliminates handwritten documents and manually entered data, reducing errors

  • Legally compliant – helps users enter the right information in the right way, ensuring compliance

  • Convenient – collects and stores applications for future consideration

  • Professional – raises your competitive edge to attract and retain top-performing employees

Since its creation in 2012, EzHire has:

  • 475 active clients

  • 3,338 new hires entered

  • 1,551 applications received

Profile Assessment Center

In today’s competitive environment, businesses are challenged to optimize the balance between employee performance and cost containment. Tilson understands this delicate balance, and we have the tools to help you reach your specific business objectives. One tool is our Profile Assessment Center, which provides clients with greater insight into job candidates, helping increase the chances of a successful placement.

Tilson partners with Profiles International and Performance Assessment Network (PAN) to offer a variety of skills-based and behavior-based pre-employment assessments. Clients request these services when hiring for positions and then receive finished profiles along with Tilson’s expert recommendations based upon the hiring specifications or unique intricacies involved with the position and/or organization. Tilson administers the exam, coordinates results and invoicing, and helps our clients understand the results. Hundreds of assessments are available through these partnerships.

Through Tilson’s Profile Assessment Center, we can provide clients with assessment data covering:

  • Employee background and employment history
  • Integrity
  • Personal reliability
  • Work ethic
  • Potential fit for specific roles, such as
    • Customer service
    • Sales
    • Team building
    • Management
  • Reaction to stressful situations
  • Best motivators

For more on Tilson’s Profile Assessment Center contact us below.

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Tilson Fast Fact

The annual cost of workplace and tax compliance for companies with 20 to 499 employees is $1,498 per employee. – Department of Labor