Businesses today face unique challenges. Tilson is the workforce management solution that delivers comprehensive services to control costs and increase efficiencies to improve the bottom line.

Many owners and CEOs struggle to keep up with the pace of business today, facing competition for employees, the rising cost of health care and new regulations across the board. These challenges add up to a higher cost per employee than large companies face. Tilson is the best partner to have in handling these needs – no matter how simple or complex.

Tilson’s workforce management solution includes six core services: Payroll, benefits, recruitment, compliance, training and HR consulting.

In customizing a solution fit for you, Tilson recognizes and honors its  Professional Employer Organization (PEO) foundation. And, more than likely, you’ve outsourced your payroll function – or at least thought about it. You know it’s simple and efficient and it relieves your administrative burden.

Now, imagine that solution expanded to all your human resources, management and consulting services needs. And imagine that it’s affordable, easy and great for your business. You just envisioned Tilson’s workforce management solution, built on a PEO foundation.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), sometimes referred to as co-employment, provide bundled, cost-effective outsourcing of human resources services, allowing you to spend more time on your core business functions. A PEO is your co-partner and operates like an off-site HR department.

With a PEO, Tilson becomes the co-employer of your employees and contractually assumes certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk. This arrangement allows Tilson to leverage its critical mass in negotiating with vendors and gain large-company advantages for small to mid-sized businesses like yours.

Tilson’s PEO integrates all these HR services into one convenient package, customized just for you:

    • Payroll
    • Benefits
    • Human resources
    • Recruiting support
    • Technology infrastructure
    • Management reporting
    • Turnkey payroll and HR support in one bundled solution

Benefits of a PEO with Tilson include:

    • Access to top-quality HR expertise
    • Less in-house paperwork and expense
    • Increased benefit value for employees without exceeding budget
    • Better, more consistent performance through centralization
    • Dedicated regulatory oversight
    • Instant online access to your important employee data through our secure portal

Escape the information chaos of parceled-out HR functions. Relax with a PEO: lower your costs, increase productivity, raise workforce quality, reduce regulatory risk and enhance your focus on strategic initiatives.

Forward-thinking companies all over the world are enjoying the significant competitive advantages of a PEO. For more detailed information, please visit our FAQs.