What is a Professional Employer Organization?
Basically, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) operates like an off-site provider of integrated management and HR services. By integrating payroll, benefits, human resources, recruiting and training support, reporting and other services into one customized package, Tilson can create significant savings for you.

What does co-employment mean?
Tilson is an example of a co-employer. When you choose Tilson, we legally co-employ your employees. Because of economies of scale, we are able to offer benefits packages that rival those of larger companies without the big expense. Additionally, we provide HR services and programs for your personnel. It also means that we assume part and, in some cases, all of employer-related liabilities.

What should I look for in an integrated management partner or PEO?
If you are shopping for the best partner, you should make sure the provider meets the following criteria:

  • Solid financial background
  • Depth and breadth of skills
  • Proven record in customer service
  • Flexibility to select benefit providers that meet your company’s needs
  • Agility (and ability) to evolve with you
  • Transparency (fees, responsibilities, liabilities, termination rights)
  • Member, in good standing, of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)
  • Current licenses and registrations

What size companies utilize Tilson’s services?
Our service offerings are fully scalable, so we can provide them efficiently and cost effectively no matter what the size. In fact, our clients range from a few to hundreds of employees.

If I enter into a relationship with Tilson, do I lose all options?
Not with Tilson. Working with you, we design a benefits package that we feel most closely meets your needs. And we give you the option of selecting from our alliance partners or your own vendors for health, dental, vision, life, 401(k) and workers’ compensation insurance

How long does it take to take full advantage of Tilson’s services?
We are generally able to transition a company with 100 employees or less within 60 days. Smaller companies take less time; larger companies take more. We co-develop a transition plan and timeline with you for optimal success and minimal hassle.

How do you charge?
Tilson’s services are charged on a flat fee basis. Our consulting services are based on our professional hourly rate structure or pre-negotiated fee. Our fees are always disclosed, so there are no surprises.