As a new organization whose mission is to lead the effort to develop solutions to the substance abuse crisis in our community, it is critical that we focus our time and energy where we can have the greatest impact. Partnering with Tilson allows us to move forward with confidence, knowing that our HR and payroll needs are in the hands of experts.

Cheryl Buffo, Program Manager ASAP - Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress


During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tilson HR staff and management have been paramount in our efforts to make the best decisions for our employees, company, and customers. The web series regarding the Paycheck Protection Program was fundamentally helpful in my decision to keep all of my team members working during this time.

Scott Sego, VP and Director of Operations BD Managed Services


TilsonHR lets me sleep easier at night. Not only do I know that I’m compliant with various state and federal laws, but I also know that I have caring and invested experts checking my work. The team at TilsonHR is smart, passionate, and true partners.

Jeff Wuslich, Co-Founder and President Cardinal Spirits


Tilson has been an invaluable partner in navigating through the uncertainty of COVID-19. Our Tilson representative has been easy to contact, quick to reply, and instrumental in all our responses related to the pandemic. Tilson has been essential in guiding us through establishing precautions, changing to work-from-home procedures, and discussing how to phase employees back into the office environment when able. Tilson has brought us comfort in knowing that we are making the correct decisions for our employees.

Jason Williams, Vice President, Director of Operations CPM Construction Planning & Management


Tilson does a great job working with their customers trying to do it the customer way rather than just doing it. They have been very timely with the work and reports are easy to use.

Steve Denhart, President Hendricks County Bank


We look at Tilson HR as a true business partner. We focus on driving success in our industry for our cooperative on behalf of our Member owners and leave things we aren’t big enough to handle internally to Tilson. HR matters, testing/screening candidates, 401K plan management, federal guidelines, medical plans to name a few are not in our core competencies but are certainly in Tilson’s.

Frank Kasnick, President and CEO Independent Welding Distributors Coop


Our human resources and payroll functions are complex — as our employees are nationwide, and operate locations in multiple states.   Tilson has exceeded our expectations.

John J Gottschall, CFO Delta Zeta


We have worked with Tilson for about 3 years. As a start up company you look for ways that can help you scale the fastest with the greatest results for your employees. Tilson provided an effective and affordable vehicle for us to cover HR needs and offer large scale company benefits while on a start-up budget. As we have scaled they have done a nice job of scaling with our business and providing other services and options. They have been a great partner!

Brent Oakley, CEO Vibenomics


As a rapidly growing organization with operation in numerous states it has been a challenge managing payroll, benefits and human resource issues under different state statutes. Tilson has been a very valuable partner as we have been in this growth mode. Tilson’s team have been fabulous over this past year. They have been there to answer questions give guidance and support anywhere needed.

Dick Veach, Director of Human Resources Artesian Bottleless Solutions


As somewhat of an “accidental entrepreneur”, I knew what I was good at, I knew what I loved doing, I knew the value I created — but as we grew, I was less confident in how to support a small team in a small business who wanted (and deserved) big company benefits and HR support. I hired Tilson early on. They freed me to focus on my zone of genius (which has undoubtedly led to more dollars in my business) but they also made me a stronger leader and a less stressed, more competitive employer. As a small business owner you quickly learn the value of ROI. No question of the value and leverage they offer. This investment is a non-negotiable in our business.

Bari Baumgardner, Founder Sage Event Management