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A More Effective Performance Management System


A Performance Management System is the means by which organizational goals and individual performance are aligned and individuals’ performance gauged.  In this session, we will discuss how to more effectively manage a Performance Management System (also known as “Employee Reviews”) that truly benefits both employees and the organization.  The result is a workforce with high morale, high level of engagement, and an organization with a shared mission, vision, and culture.

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Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership & Management

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Having a culture that is inclusive of all people regardless of their sex, color, religion, race or the gender they identify with should be the foundation that every organization is built on.


Culture, Leadership & Management

Combating Workplace Harassment

What exactly is harassment?  Is bullying included?


Leadership & Management

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This event will cover the basic need-to-know items for tactical, daily Human Resources related interactions.

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