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Domestic Violence and the Workplace

Leadership & Management | October 2015

Employers face a vast array of human resource concerns with limited time and money to address them. Due to these limited resources, issues remain unaddressed until it becomes significant and costly. Unfortunately, domestic violence falls into this category, present but not discussed until it is too late. Recently, human resource professionals were surveyed and 78% of them agreed domestic violence impacts the work environment, but is not addressed.  It becomes more complicated when the workplace becomes an atmosphere of speculation, gossip, and poor performance because of individuals experiencing violence. Employees facing extreme stress at home may have low job performance, frequent tardiness/absenteeism, or receive harassing communications during the work day. Often, those in abusive relationships who choose to leave are contacted by abusers at work, causing tension and potential liability for employers.

At the Domestic Violence Network (DVN), we offer consultation and training, at no cost to businesses, which expand human resource programming through the implementation of best practices for addressing domestic violence. Additionally, DVN provides model policies/procedures, training for employees on domestic violence, and quick access to local resources among other services. By addressing these issues in the workplace, employers create an open environment where those experiencing violence can access resources and employees are empowered to support each other.

More than managing the effects of domestic violence on the company, implementing domestic violence policies communicates compassion and hope to individuals who may feel isolated, ashamed, and alone. Employer support through clear procedures empowers people with the strength necessary to leave dangerous relationships and make healthy life changes.

At the Domestic Violence Network, we partner with businesses, community groups, schools, and faith-based organizations to bring an end to domestic violence in Central Indiana through education and empowerment. Please visit for some of the tools needed to address domestic violence at the workplace and in the community.

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