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New Tilson partnership offers leisure travel services to clients

Tilson | February 2016

After helping its clients work, Tilson now wants to help them play

GREENWOOD (February 19, 2016) – Tilson, a leading provider of HR and management solutions to companies nationwide, is encouraging a healthier work-life balance for its clients and their employees by offering a new travel planning service through a partnership with Tilson Travel.

As part of the travel partnership, Tilson client employees have the opportunity to book into pre-packaged leisure trips at a discounted rate and utilize the tested expertise and knowledge of the travel agency to craft individual travel experiences for their family.

“People are a business’s greatest investment,” said Brent Tilson, CEO and President of Tilson. “An effective, motivated workforce can have a significant impact on the success of a company. Therefore, it’s important that we encourage our clients and employees to take time off to rejuvenate and spend time with family. Tilson helps its clients work, but now we want to help them play.”

Last year, Americans missed out on 429 million days of paid time off, chiefly because they feared the amount of work that would be waiting for them once they return. Additionally, at some workplaces, there’s even a secret ‘badge of honor’ for those who don’t take their vacation time. To combat this issue, Tilson wants to encourage a healthier mindset about getting away from the office.

Current trip itineraries include a Journey through Southern France, Tuscan and Urban Countryside, Iceland’s Northern Lights, Tropical Costa Rica and a Literary Journey through England, a tour that highlights some of England’s most legendary literary heroes from Jane Austen to Harry Potter. Tilson Travel will offer at least one new group tour per quarter to various places around the world. The agency also recently completed packaging cruise options for Spring Break travel.

“We understand that busy schedules do not always allow the time to plan the type of trip we dream of, and the amount of options and research can be overwhelming,” said Becky Tilson, Tilson Travel Owner and Agent. “Tilson Travel wants to help Tilson employees put the fun, excitement and anticipation back into the travel process experience.”

Tilson Travel holds numerous travel certifications and specializations including river cruising, ocean cruising, literary tours, music appreciation tours, and trips to tropical locations and historical destinations. The agency is also a graduate of Disney College of Knowledge. With its access to suppliers and experience, the agency can create customized leisure packages. Packages alleviate the difficulties of budget planning, travel agenda and time planning and meal and activity reservations.

“We want our clients to recognize that companies who encourage time off find higher levels of revenue and a more engaged workforce,” said Brent Tilson.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 67 percent of HR professionals have agreed that employees who take time off are more engaged and effective and have a higher level of job satisfaction than those who do not take their vacation time. In turn, clients retain their employees and reap the benefits of their productivity.

Brady Clements, President of Skyline Property Group, also sees the value in employees taking a vacation.

“At Skyline Property Group, we deeply encourage our employees to take time to ‘unplug’ and get away from work, because we believe when we take care of our staff, they will take care of our company. In the same way we have found Tilson is easy to do business with as it relates to our employees, we have also found that Tilson Travel takes the time to anticipate our needs and is always a pleasant experience. This added travel service through our relationship with Tilson is a huge benefit to both me and my employees – we’re excited to get our feet in the sand!”

More information regarding Tilson’s partnership with Tilson Travel and their pre-packaged trips can be found on their website at

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