Workers’ Compensation Dos & Don'ts - Tilson

Here are some helpful tips for businesses to consider in regard to workers’ compensation.

DO …

  • Purchase workers’ compensation insurance and make sure premiums are paid on time
  • Display a workers’ compensation poster with pertinent information
  • Prepare ahead of time just in case an injury is reported, and communicate injury reporting procedures to all employees
  • Report an injury immediately to your supervisor (and Tilson if you are a client) and provide a copy of the report to the employee
  • File First Reports of Injury properly
  • Send affected employees for medical treatment as soon as possible after an injury
  • Identify witnesses to the accident (names and phone numbers)
  • Encourage the employee to give the doctor a complete and accurate history, keep all physical therapy and/or doctor’s appointments, and follow the treatment plan
  • Stay in touch with the employee after the injury
  • Plan ahead for return-to-work strategies and accommodate the employee if he/she has restrictions
  • Make safety a priority by posting appropriate safety procedures and precautions


  • Refuse to file a claim even if you doubt the validity
  • Ask the employee to fill out the First Report of Injury
  • Wait for the medical report before filing the claim with your insurer
  • Forget to put safety first
  • Provide any false or misleading information to your insurance carrier
  • Ignore requests for information from the insurer

The best way to avoid workers’ compensation problems is to avoid as many injuries as possible.

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