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The Importance of Employee Assistance Programs

Benefits & Compensation | September 2018

When a tragic event strikes, it is reassuring to know that there is a system in place to assist employees.  Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to provide support for employees that are navigating life issues that may impact their ability to come to work and be productive in the workplace.

EAP’s are usually offered to employees at no cost and provide confidential access to professional assistance with a variety of problems effecting employees.  It may include help with confronting personal problems such as alcohol and other substance abuse or depression, marital and family difficulties, and financial or legal troubles.

In an interview with the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., Terri Rhodes, Executive Director of the Disability Management Employer Coalition, noted “when employees do use EAP services, there are much better results” in stress management, anxiety management and other mental health issues (BNA, 2013).

An effective EAP can also help to combat absenteeism and maintain productivity.  According to a 2013 study conducted by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) “employee absences inevitably lead to productivity loss, whether due to replacement workers who are not familiar with the role they are filling, co-workers who are less productive on their “regular” work because they are filling in for an absent employee, and supervisors who must spend time dealing with employee absences (e.g., adjusting workflow, obtaining replacements” (SHRM, 2014).  The survey further revealed that the average productivity loss when unplanned absences occur was 36.6% in the United States.

Having resources such as an EAP to support employees in times of need establishes that an employer cares about the health of its workforce and is willing to make investments in support of their wellbeing.   EAP’s can offer a mix of telephonic and face to face services.  A colleague may be able to provide a referral; or, an internet search will reveal a host of EAP providers.

Tilson offers a comprehensive EAP to its employees at no cost.  The confidential services, administered by Solutions EAP, are centered on identifying any problems our workforce may be facing and providing assistance with effective resolution.   Posters highlighting the program are provided to our customers to hang in conspicuous areas and contact cards are also provided to clients; these can be distributed to employees or placed in common areas.

Tilson clients can contact their Account Managers to elect EAP services for their employees.  Clients enrolled in Tilson’s EAP program can contact Solutions EAP through their toll free number (800.377.5074) or log onto their website ( for more information.

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Solutions EAP is a program of Behavior Health Connecticut, LLC, a subsidiary of Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc.

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