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Tilson Partners with Crimcheck for Employment Background Screenings

Hiring & Onboarding | April 2023

We are pleased to announce that Tilson has recently partnered with Crimcheck to provide Employment Background Screenings. This partnership allows us to offer more accurate, comprehensive, and compliant background screenings for our clients. Background screenings are a highly helpful resource throughout the hiring process, and we’re proud to offer our clients background screening resources paired with easy-to-use technology.

What is a Background Screening?

A background screening pulls information from reputable third-party sources to gain a full picture of a candidate. This typically includes information from law enforcement agencies, public records, previous employers, and credit bureaus. Many businesses find this information to be helpful throughout the interview process, and it’s always a smart idea to perform a proper background check before you commit to a hire.

What are the Benefits of Background Screenings?

  • Receive a more comprehensive picture of a candidate: It’s not always easy to learn about a candidate’s background, and sometimes they might not be open to sharing accurate details about the past. A background check will give you a more complete picture of your candidate.
  • Feel more confident in your new hire: Are you ever nervous that a candidate might be hiding something from you? This isn’t always a concern, but sometimes it’s hard to tell in the short time you’ve spent together. A thorough background screening can provide both you and the rest of the leadership team confidence as you submit an official offer.
  • Prevent workplace safety issues: Do you feel that you can trust the person you’re hiring? It’s crucial to do your due diligence to ensure that you’re creating a safe work environment for your entire team. A clean background screening can help everyone have peace of mind about the new employee.
  • Create a more transparent interview process: Sometimes, the interview process can feel rushed and difficult to manage. When a candidate knows that they will undergo a background check, they are more likely to be upfront and honest about their past.
  • Decrease the potential for risks and liabilities: Every business owner wants to mitigate risks, and a background screening is a simple way to keep your business and employees protected from potential liabilities.

Why Choose Crimcheck?

  • Creates a ready-to-operate solution for both Tilson and current clients
  • Implements background checks integrated with PrismHR and its ATS solutions to optimize ease-of-use, speed, and compliance
  • Enables Tilson and clients to order background checks and drug testing quickly and securely without duplicate data entry
  • Award-winning technology that will keep the hiring process running smoothly
  • Easily track status and view reports

Did you know that Crimcheck also offers mobile-friendly solutions to elevate your team’s efficiency and accelerate time to hire? This feature allows you to order background checks, drug testing, track updates, and view reports right from your mobile device. This highly beneficial feature will create a more seamless hiring process for everyone involved.

Crimcheck will help to protect your employees, customers, brand reputation and assets through a complete employment background screening solution. These integrated solutions are easy to use, and the results are processed quickly.

If you are already utilizing this great resources with Tilson, congratulations! For those who are not yet utilizing this please contact your HR Advisor or HRSupport@tilsonhr.com to discuss.

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