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Training & Performance | February 2016

Training consists of an organization’s planned efforts to help employees acquire job-related knowledge, skills, and behaviors, with the goal of applying these on the job. A training program may range from formal classes to one-on-one mentoring. No matter what its form, training can benefit your organization when it is linked to your organizational needs and when it motivates your employees.

With training being so essential, your organization needs to establish training programs that are effective. An effective training program actually teaches what it is designed to teach, and teaches skills and behaviors that will help your organization achieve its goals. To achieve those goals, HR professionals approach training through instructional design. This is a process of systematically developing training to meet your specified needs.

Instructional design begins with an assessment of the needs for training, what your organization requires that its people learn. A needs assessment is a process of evaluating your organization, the individual employees, and your employees’ tasks to determine what kinds of training, if any, are necessary. These factors will help provide the basis for planning an effective training program.

Next, your organization will need to ensure that your employees are ready for training in the terms of their attitudes, motivation, basic skills, and work environment. Effective training requires not only a program that addresses real needs, but also a condition of employee readiness.

The third step is to plan a training program that directly relates to the needs identified, this should also include the program’s objectives, instructors, and methods. Now, you’re ready to implement the program.

The final step in the process is a thorough evaluation of the results of the training, which will provide feedback for planning future training programs.   In the evaluation, you will want to review each of the steps to ensure the objectives were met.

Tilson’s HR Professionals develop comprehensive training programs tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  Our monthly trainings qualify for PHR, SHRM and APA recertification credits and are offered to the general public.  For more information, please contact us.

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