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Transform Business Operations With These 8 HR Technologies

Strategy & Planning | July 2023

The rapidly evolving landscape of HR technology is playing a critical role in aiding businesses to operate at peak performance. An array of technologies, including applicant tracking systems, employee onboarding platforms, time and attendance tools, background checks and screening software, financial wellness programs, expense management systems, employee assistance programs, and comprehensive HR portals are reshaping the way organizations manage their human resources. This blog post will delve into the benefits of eight HR technologies and how Tilson can streamline these for your business.

1. One such indispensable technology is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These platforms automate the recruitment process, manage resumes, and track applicants effectively, speeding up the hiring process and enhancing its quality.

2. Online Employee Onboarding Systems are another essential tool. These digital platforms automate paperwork, reduce administrative tasks, and ensure all relevant information is effectively and consistently disseminated to every new hire. This facilitates a seamless transition for new hires, enhancing early productivity and fostering a strong connection with the organization.

3. Time and attendance tools have transformed traditional HR duties. By providing a platform for accurate payroll processing, productivity analysis, and labor allocation, these tools enhance productivity and reduce administrative burdens.

4. In the realm of security and reliability, background check and screening software are invaluable. By conducting thorough checks into potential employees’ histories, these tools mitigate the risk of negligent hiring and protect the integrity and safety of your workplace.

5. Financial wellness programs support employees in their financial journey, helping to reduce financial stress, a significant productivity inhibitor. These programs improve employee satisfaction and retention, contributing to a more engaged workforce and positive company culture.

6. When it comes to simplifying the management of business-related expenses, expense reporting and reimbursement software provides a seamless solution for automating expense tracking, reporting, and reimbursement. This increases efficiency, ensures policy compliance, and provides strategic insights for better financial control.

7. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) play a crucial role in supporting employee well-being and productivity. These programs provide confidential counseling and wellness initiatives, aiding in the prevention and timely treatment of mental health issues.

8. Lastly, comprehensive Employer and Employee online HR portals provide a central location for all HR-related activities. These portals enhance accessibility and engagement, streamline HR processes, and foster a healthier, more productive work environment.

In conclusion, the adoption of these various HR technologies can significantly enhance your company’s operational efficiency, employee engagement, and overall business performance.

Integrating these technologies may seem like a daunting task. This is where Tilson comes into play. From recruitment and onboarding to employee wellness, expense management, and compliance, Tilson’s technology platform ensures you have clear visibility into all your HR operations with the managed support of our experienced team.

To discuss an adoption plan tailored to your company’s specific needs and objectives, consider reaching out to your HR advisor or contacting Tilson. With the right HR technologies, we can create a more efficient, productive, and engaging workplace for your team.

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