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Workforce Upskilling Fills the Gaps!

Training & Performance | March 2023

Written by: Andrea J Munn, SHRM-CP, PHR, Tilson HR Department Manager

In today’s ever changing environment companies must be able to adapt and do so efficiently and effectively.  One of the keys to this is understanding your gaps and upskill your people to meet the need!

What is upskilling?  Upskilling is when employers provide employees the opportunity to learn new skills to better their current work performance, while also prepping them for the projected needs of the company.  Types of initiatives can vary:

  • Internal cross-training
  • External training
  • Certification programs
  • Higher education/college degree
  • Etc.

Upskilling isn’t only about teaching new skills and increasing performance, it’s also about retaining employees by investing in their future which leads to reduced turnover. 

First things first, identify what your business needs are and what gaps you have.  Utilizing a skills gap checklist may assist you in identifying what areas you should review.

Secondly, assess which employees have the potential and desire to fill those gaps and upskill themselves.  This will provide a list of staff whom wish to grow, learn and develop in your company. Reflecting their desire to collaborate and impact your business long term.

In addition, evaluating your companies hierarchy allows you to identify paths for staff to grow into or roadblocks that might prohibit staff from advancing and set realistic expectations for their growth.

Once you’ve assessed your gaps and needs, and identified staff who can and are willing to grow, the next thing is to determine how you can build a plan for upskilling your staff.

  • Establish a budget for training
  • Identify the training plans or courses needed
  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Establish a timeline for completion
  • Add in checkpoints for successful completion of trainings

Utilizing the Upskilling E-guide you can establish a good plan of action and ensure you focus on both employee and employer needs.  A successful upskilling program will have a large impact on employee retention, culture and engagement.  The return on investment is immeasurable but impactful!

Please feel free to reach out to your HR Advisor or to discuss your company’s strategy; we will be more than happy to partner with you on this initiative!

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